Timeslice 3D Booth Software

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Make hypnotic 3D effects, GIF and Videos to make your each event a party to remember forever. With our superior Multi-Camera Timeslice technology are now easier than ever. Our software will integrate the whole process automatically with total accuracy and efficiency. Automatic remote triggering and precise stabilization let you take nifty photos with absolute ease and comfort.

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Fastest bullet time software for Open Air,
Live Event booths

We are constantly working for new features, so checkout our feature updates

Multiple Camera Control

Now you can control up to 60+ DSLR cameras without using any external trigger box or raspberry with just a single computer.

Built-in Triggering

Throw your trigger box away because Photo Booth Software offers the fastest built-in triggering system without using any external hardware. Trigger all the cameras at the same time using our software.
Automatic Camera Stabilization

Automatic Camera Stabilization

When you are using Cor2tect, camera stabilization is not a headache anymore. Our software offers the fastest camera stabilization for any kind of event setups.
Dynamic live preview

Live Preview For Guest

Showcase your videos on the big screen using a dynamic live preview for your guests, so that the guest never misses out on any action.

Wireless remote presenter

Wireless Control

Appoint your teammates to more important tasks as you don’t need to control the software manually. You can control the software triggering with a Wireless Remote Presenter as an unattended Mode.

High quality

Highest Resolution

Now you can generate GIF/MP4 with the highest quality. Our software will enable you to produce outputs up to 4k in resolution.
Designed for live events

Preset For Live Events

Our software is designed for live events and you can save software setting as preset for quick output generation during live events.

Jump & Freeze effect

Add more features to your bullet time videos and get creative with the new jump and freeze effect to bring the wow effect to your events.

3D Slow-motion

From small rigs to full 360, add as many cameras as you wish.

Adjust Delay for Live Event

With Cor2tect you are in total control, now you can customize your 3D slow motion with an adjusted delay so as to produce long exposure, light painting various effect as you desire.
Green/Blue Screen

Green/Blue Screen

When you are using COR2TECT, Sky is the limit for you with our fastest Chroma Keying (Green or Blue screen) effect. By enabling it, you can create an amazing Time travel effect.

Animated Background

Instead of using a dark boring background, you can use an animated background (GIF/MOV) for your videos using our software.

Secured Social Share

With our built-in (optional) sharing station, you can share your favorite videos in a secured manner without even logging into the host computer. Browse from your device(s) and share your own.

Software Specification

Las preguntas más frecuentes de Photo Booth Wedding Software
ControlFull automatic- Just one click to GIF/MP4/MOV solution!
Operating System (OS)Win 7, 8, 10, Surface and Mac OS X
Camera ModelCanon DSLR/Nikon DSLR/Webcam
Dynamic Auto Alignment1 second
Unattended ModeYes, use Remote presentation clicker to Capture and create video unattended
Software Trigger/Shutter Delay Between Camera(s)1000 microseconds
Machine TypeSupport both Laptop and Desktop , you can use either single or multiple machine(s) based on your requirements.
Cluster ModeYes if you want to support more camera(s) like 120, 200, 250 or more
Cable SetupUSB
Who will fix camera(s) viewpoint?Yes, software will do that auto based on your settings
Where to save?Default saving mode is PC for bullet time but you can use external storage or both
Mode of TriggerDefault mode is Analogue triggering mode. If CAPTURE from software then system will switch to Software triggering mode
Staggering AnimationYes, supported for staggering effect/ 3D slow motion
Software functionsApply the setting(s) from software together. Functions are ISO, Aperture, Contrast, Shutter, Mirror Lock, WB, Color Tone, Saturation, image format (JPEG, CR2) and many other settings
Fail-SafeYes, saves all the camera order and global settings. So no hassle next time or setup delay
Live View ModeYes, for each camera all together. It helps to position the camera(s) viewpoint while all the camera(s) are connected
Video ModeYes, BEFORE or AFTER shot Video session will be merged with freezing effect
Green/Blue Screen ModeSupported
Frame RandomizationSupported
Long Exposure Bulb mode (Light Painting)Supported, you can do light painting as well
CustomizationYes, always!
24/7 Support?Yes, included!

A few simple steps for flawless events

Connect all the cameras
Control the cameras from Computer & Trigger
Instant preview for live events
Share GIF/MP4 via Email/WhatsApp (online/offline)


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